Dream to dream again..

We wake when we dream, we sleep when we wake.. we follow our instincts in the worst kind of ways. Would we have it any other way?

Life is worth living, whether it’s the life in a dream or the life we actively live. We are who we are because we allow our self to be. We hide our sorrows, we share our dreams, yet even then, we dream of better days.

Being who we are takes work, it takes focus, yet so often we get caught up in tomorrow. Yet aImagere we living in the dream of yesterday or are we actively perusing dream we yet to have?

That being said, what is it to dream? Is it a memory of things to come or happenings of our past? They say to follow your dreams, but aren’t dreams just a collection of thoughts and wishes of yesterday? Are we only chasing what we have already had or have already experienced? Can we dream of the things yet to come? I think so, yes, it’s a collection of wishes and determination which shape our perspective, our rationale and justifications.

We can more easily justify things that haven’t happened when they are part of a dream… do we have to dream about it in order to justify our wishes? Where and when does reality play a part in determining what is a wish and what is just a dream.. can they co-exist?


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